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Dear friends of IHP,

Last April, we invited you to join us in raising a memorial to the Integrated Humanities Program and Professors John Senior, Dennis Quinn, and Frank Nelick.  Your response to our invitation raised $40,460 by the end of September. Warm thanks to you generous donors!


When the memorial is dedicated, we want you to join us to celebrate! Look for news on the upcoming Memorial Dedication Ceremony. 


The IHP Memorial
& Scholarship Fund


A group of friends - students of the Humanities Program - have found a home for a memorial to the Program and the Professors: Nelick, Quinn, and Senior. After the University of Kansas declined, the parish council of the St. Lawrence Center graciously agreed to allow a memorial to be placed there. The memorial will be built in an area accessible to a public sidewalk from Daisy Hill to the main K.U. campus - very convenient for students and visitors.

The permanent memorial will be constructed of Indiana Buff limestone, carved with the Humanities Program emblem and motto – Nascantur in Admiratione, a line from Cervantes reminding us to assail windmills, a mounted bronze of Don Quixote and a plaque to the professors. It will include a stone bench – an invitation to sit, reflect and “look up at the stars.”  

In addition to the physical memorial, we are funding one 2-year scholarship to the St. Lawrence Center’s Humanitas Program. We are funding this scholarship
in recognition of their program’s tie to the Humanities Program and out of gratitude to the people of the St. Lawrence Center parish for allowing us to install the memorial on their grounds.



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